Ibiza – wet area mat roll

Non slip wet area mat Ibiza roll

Ibiza – wet area mat roll is perfect for all environments that require safety and softness under the feet.

Ibiza – wet area mat roll’s open grid and smooth surface provide the best anti-slip and water drainage qualities, making it an ideal choice for slippery and wet surfaces such as changing rooms, swimming pool surroundings, boats, outdoor patios, behind bar counters and restaurant kitchen floors. Antibacterial properties protect bare feet in dressing areas and leisure centers.

The Ibiza wet area mat is made of flexible vinyl and is a lightweight floor mat making it easy to roll, move and lift for cleaning. The mat is pleasant underfoot and it is also a popular choice in workplaces such as clubs, restaurants and bars where the staff stand for long periods of time. Therefore, this mat is suitable for many different uses.

The Ibiza wet area mat has antibacterial properties to protect against fungal and bacterial contamination, but regular cleaning is also recommended to remove light grease and oils, cooking fats, wax and acrylic varnishes. Continuous hygiene is very important in wet and humid environments, especially when there is direct skin contact.

All our wet area mats are UV resistant, so they can be used outdoors or indoors without the risk of fading. You can choose from rolls that can be installed next to each other or as modules that can be attached to each other, so the installation is quick and easy. Thanks to the light construction, the mat can be quickly and easily lifted for cleaning and storage.


Material Antimicrobial, UV-resistant soft vinyl, 100% recyclable
Roll width 60 cm and 90 cm
Roll lenght 10 meters
Height 12 mm
Weight 4,5 kg/m²
Colours graphite, grey, dark beige, light beige, pastel blue, dark blue
Bacterial resistance No growth
Fire classification EN 13501: Cfl - s1
Slip resistance DIN 51130: R10
Emissions IS0 16000-9: TVOC luokka A+
Temperature -35 °C - +70 °C

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