Silver Rib entrance grid

Silver Rib entrance grid, high heel proof entrance mat is a heavy duty entrance mat consisting of interlocking tiles with ribbed carpet inserts. Polypropylene needle punched ribs have excellent scraping properties to remove dirt, grit and moisture from shoes.

Silver Rib entrance mat is suitable for light to medium traffic in private and public areas.

Parallel lines of ribbed polypropylene needle fibers trap dirt and moisture. The channels between the ribs conceal the dirt until cleaning time. Silver Rib entrance grid fibers offer long wear, color fastness and easy maintenance.

High grade special vinyl/NBR tiles provide impact sound insulation and slip resistance.


Tile material UV-resistant vinyl/NBR 100% recyclable
Tile size 38,5 x 12,4 cm
Packaging 20 tiles / pkg (= 0,95 m²)
Height 17 mm
Weight 6.3 kg/m²
Tile colour Aluminium or black
Pile yarn material Polypropylene
Pile yarn colour Graphite
Slip resistance DIN 51130: R11
Rolling load KfB dynamic test: 300 kg per wheel


Alu edging 16/20 mm x 300 cm

Anchor 16 mm

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