Muovihaka has been specialising in the manufacture of high performance entrance mats and matting systems. Muovihaka, founded in 1988, manufactures entrance matting systems and wet area mats and door mats for a diverse customer base and is recognised worldwide for its high quality of products. Muovihaka mats are exported to more than 70 countries worldwide. Exports account for over 80 % of the matting output.

Mats are made of different plastic raw materials by injection moulding. Through practical application and exhaustive laboratory tests, Muovihaka has developed professional mats for commercial market and mats for residential usage, made for durability and suited for every need.

Besides manufacturing plastic mats, Muovihaka has its own workshop for the production of injection moulds. Muovihaka offers a full design and manufacture service for the production of technical custom plastic components.

Business idea

We utilise our know-how and experience in the field of plastic injection moulding and its product applications and also tool manufacture and we provide customers with high quality plastic products and services incorporating high value-added.

We search for profitable growth both in domestic and in export markets. We consider customer-orientation and continuous, customised product development of prime importance in our operations.


Our values serve as the guide for how we treat our customers. Our values are customer satisfaction, we are driven by customers. We strive for excellence and we deliver on promises. We recognize the importance of our people.

Quality and environment

Muovihaka has been focussing on the development of quality systems for years. Muovihaka is an environmentally responsible company and complies with all relevant environmental laws and regulations.

Our quality and environmental management systems not only allow us to steer and improve the company and its products, but they also help us to better understand and meet environmental requirements affecting our business and that of our customers.

We also expect our partners to show similar concern for the environment. We believe that this will benefit all parties concerned, including the end consumer.


Our operations and success are based on customer-specific solutions, technological and operational innovation, highly skilled personnel as well as customer focused entrepreneurship.

Muovihaka seeks to be one of the leading companies generating profitability across business cycles by providing solutions for entrance matting systems.

Muovihaka will achieve this by building superior relationships with its customers and through continuous innovations.