Ergo Bubble workstation mat

The Ergo Bubble workstation mat is made entirely of natural rubber, which makes it soft and absorbent.

The bumps on the upper surface stimulate the feet and promote blood circulation.

The suction cups on the lower surface ensure that the mat stays in place and increase the damping capacity of the mat.

The slanted edge of the Ergo Bubble workstation mat reduces the risk of tripping.

Mat reduces fatigue when working while standing and it guarantees a functional work environment and takes care of employees’ comfort.


Features Soft, absorbing, flexible
Material Natural rubber
Height 15 mm
Oil resistance Moderate exposure
Temperature -30°C – +60°C
Fire resistant -
Place for use Warehouses, light industry. Dry industrial premises, e.g. assembly plants, warehouses, packing houses
Cleaning and maintenance instructions Brushing, vacuuming, wiping with detergent (pH 4.0-9.0), pressure washer resistant (up to 60 psi)

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