Ergo Comfort Flow workstation mat

The Ergo Comfort Flow workstation mat is a very soft and elastic workstation mat that brings comfort to hard floors.

Thanks to the strong patterning, its grip is good and the open structure lets moisture through, ventilating and drying the floor at the same time.

The Ergo Comfort Flow workstation mat is made of 100% nitrile rubber, which makes it extremely resistant to oils, fats, chemicals and cutting fluids.

Antimicrobial treatment prevents the formation of bacteria, so the carpet is also suitable for environments where a good level of hygiene is required (for example, restaurant kitchens).

Very durable beveled edge that reduces the risk of tripping.


Features Lightening the load, non-slip
Material Nitrile rubber, antimicrobial treated
Height 12 mm
Oil resistance Long exposure
Temperature -35 – +120 °C
Fire resistant D.O.C. -FF-1-70 (Pill-testi)
Place for use Heavy industry, oily environments. Food industry. Resistant to oils, grease and chemicals.
Maintenance Can be rinsed or machine washed, withstands disinfection with antiseptic chemicals. Can be autoclaved

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