Ergo Deck Zedlan workstation mat

The Ergo Deck Zedla workstation mat is a highly wear-resistant workplace mat whose embossed surface guarantees non-slip even when wet with splashes.

Soft and absorbing lower surface of flexible Zedlan foam vinyl.

The Ergo Deck Zedla workplace mat guarantees very good ergonomics, comfort and durability.

The slanted edges reduce the risk of tripping and make it easier, for example, to drive a stroller over the carpet.

When buying by the meter, the ends of the carpet can also be bevelled.


Features Soft, absorbing, very flexible
Material Upper surface vinyl, lower surface Zedlan foam vinyl.
Height 16 mm
Oil resistance Short exposure.
Temperature +10°C – +95°C
Fire classification D.O.C. -FF-1-70 (Pill test)
Place of use Shops, public spaces, warehouses, light industry.
Maintenance Brush, vacuum or wipe with a mild cleaning agent.

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