Ergo Flex Industri workstation mat

The Ergo Flex Industri workstation mat is made of nitrile and natural rubber.

This particularly dense rubber mixture prevents the breeding of bacteria.

Due to the nitrile rubber content of Ergo Flex Industri workplace, it tolerates oils, fats and chemicals and is very resistant to wear and heat.

The middle and end pieces of the modular system can be combined with a carpet of the desired length.

It is also available as a complete 60 x 90 cm rug.

The round bumps on the upper surface of the mat stimulate the feet and promote blood circulation.

Worn modules are easy to replace with new ones and the mat can be enlarged or reduced as needed, which guarantees good operating economy.


Features Soft, absorbing, flexible
Material Nitrile and natural rubber mixture
Height 13 mm
Oil resistance Long exposure
Temperature -20°C – +60°C
Fire resistant -
Place for use Heavy industry, oily environments. Food industry. Resistant to oils, grease and chemicals.
Maintenance Brushing, vacuuming, wiping with detergent (pH 4.0-9.0), pressure washer resistant (up to 60 psi)

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