Ergo Meter workstation mat

The Ergo Meter workstation mat is designed and manufactured for the most demanding work environments.

This workstation mat can withstand most liquids and its elasticity and softness is maintained even at low temperatures.

The strong bumpy surface pattern of the Ergo Meter workstation mat increases friction and durability.

The beveled edges of the mat reduce the risk of tripping.

Workstation mat also acts as a shock absorber for falling tools.

The Ergo Meter workstation mat has a specially structured vinyl foam. It has a closed cell structure that provides a unique soft base and elasticity.

Thanks to the specially structured vinyl foam, Ergo Meter is suitable for long-term and demanding use.

Thanks to new generation technology, this workstation mat is three times more resilient than traditional vinyl workstation mats.

The Ergo Meter workstation mat reduces fatigue when working while standing and it guarantees a functional work environment and takes care of employees’ comfort.


Features Soft, absorbing, flexible
Material Polyurethane foam
Height 9 mm
Oil resistance Not applicable
Lämpötila-alue Indoors
Fire resistant D.O.C.-FF-1-70 (Pill-test).
Place for use Shops, public spaces, offices...
Cleaning and maintenance instructions Brushing, vacuuming, wiping with a mild detergent

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