Ergo Step Zedlan workstation mat

The Ergo Step Zedlan workstation mat is a very hard-wearing workstation mat with a particularly durable marble-patterned upper surface.

Soft and absorbing lower surface of flexible Zedlan foam vinyl.

The Ergo Step Zedla workstation mat is available in light or dark gray.

When buying by the meter, the ends of the carpet can also be bevelled.


Features Soft, absorbing, flexible
Material Upper surface vinyl, lower surface Zedlan foam vinyl
Height 14 mm
Oil resistance Short exposure
Temperature +10°C – +95°C
Fire resistant D.O.C. -FF-1-70 (Pill-testi)
Place for use Public spaces, offices, shops, banks, reception desks
Maintenance Brushing, vacuuming, wiping with a mild detergent

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