Jet-Print Logo mats

Jet-Print Logo mats are high-quality logo mats that are an excellent advertising tool for companies.

Jet-Print Logo mats are effective attention grabbers for company promotion.

With Jet Print logo mats, you can present your company’s message impressively in high-profile places such as entrances, lobbies, in front of reception and sales counters.

You can create your own logo or marketing message on the Jet Print logo mat from 66 different color options or with color codes from the Pantone color chart.

Jet Print technology also allows the use of thin lines and color fading.

Jet Print logo mats not only catch the eye, but also act as a mat that binds dust and dirt. The fiber of the mat is 100% polyamide (high-twist nylon) and the base is nitrile rubber.

Therefore, machine washing (max 60 C) can also be used to maintain the carpet.


Material 100 % High-Twist Nylon Polyamide 6.6
Backing 100 % Nitrile rubber
Width 60 cm, 75 cm, 85 cm, 115 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm standard or custom widths
Lenght Up to 7 meters
Colors Custom designs
Operating temperature -35 °C - +70 °C
Fire classification EN 13501-1 / Cfl-s1
Slip resistance NFSI High-Traction
Emissions IS0 16000-9: TVOC class A+

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