MH 43 Hercules Steel brush grates

An efficient system for cleaning the wheels of forklifts, cars and heavy equipment.

The MH 43 Hecules Steel brush grates are characterized by extreme durability, more than 1000 kN per wheel.

MH 43 Hecules Steel brush grates modular construction that allows for easy installation and cleaning.

Each cleaning module is equipped with 29 brush profiles that effectively remove impurities
wheels of forklifts, forklifts, passenger cars and trucks, and other moving parts of machines.

Cleaning areas made of MH 43 Hercules modules are a necessary accessory in modern warehouses, supply areas of production facilities, car repair shops and entrances to undergrounds to parking areas.

They effectively create a cleaning barrier between clean and dirty zones in industry and agriculture.

Application examples:
• industrial halls, warehouses
• car shows, car repair shops
• underground parking areas
• shopping malls
• space between clean and dirty zones

Advantages of using the MH 43 Hercules cleaning area:
• significant reduction of dirt indoors
• increasing occupational safety in the entry area
• improving the cleanliness of the interior
• extends the life of the floors by reducing coarse dirt
• possibility to install on site without construction work
• Easy replacement of individual brushes reduces maintenance costs

• hot-dip galvanized steel grid
• inclined ramps to the floor surface
• installation frame for surface installations
• rst steel installation tray
• brushes: PVC frame, PA 6.6 bristles


Material hot-dip galvanized steel grate and brushes in PVC frame, PA 6.6 bristles
Thicness 43 mm
Module size 1000 mm x 470 mm
Module weight 29 kg
Temperature Outside / Inside installations
Color Black brush / galvanized steel


Available inclined ramps for surface installations

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