Plastic edging 10 mm

Bevelled surface of plastic edging 10 mm reduces tripping hazards. Low edging allows foot and wheel traffic to traverse easily.

Plastic edging 10 mm is for surface mounted applications. Edgings, left hand and right hand, can be installed to each side of Vision 10 mm module mat. Corner pieces should be glued on the edging profiles.

Due to flexible material plastic edging 10 mm and 10 mm tiles are easy to roll up during cleaning or installation. Plastic edging 10 mm is only for indoor applications.


Material UV-resistant vinyl 100% recyclable
Size 5 cm x 30 cm
Height 10 mm
Weight 80 g / pc
Colours Dark grey, light grey, black, brown, pastel blue, dark blue, ocean green, beige, antique pink, grey

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