Plaza – Garage flooring tile

Plaza – Garage flooring tile is a durable interlocking flooring tile for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Plaza – Garage flooring tile is ideal for show rooms, exhibition halls, industries, garages, terraces and storage rooms.

Plaza – Garage flooring tile is durable modular tile, which can be assembled in a variety of designs and shapes.

Plaza – Garage flooring tile has been designed to be loose laid over any hard surface such as concrete, asphalt or bitumen.Tiles can be laid straight over the old floor without any need for time consuming surface preparation.


Material UV-resistant vinyl/NBR 100% recycled material
Tile size 30,7 x 30,7 cm
Packaging 16 tiles / pkg (=1,52m²)
Height 10 mm
Weight 4,7 kg/m²
Colours Black, dark grey, light grey, white, red
Temperature resistance -20ºC - +70ºC


Plastic edging 10 mm x 30 cm

Edging corner 10 mm

Alu edging 9/12 mm x 300 cm

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