Tactile signage

Tactile signs create a difference in height and a different feel to the surrounding entrance mat, which are in the building entrances.  This helps the visually impaired to figure out the route through the entrance to the indoors and back out safely and as accessible as possible in familiar, but also new places.

In this way, the tactile controls of the buildings can also be extended over the carpet without separate plates or strips to be fixed on top of the carpet, and in this way cleaning from under the wind cabinet carpet is still possible without difficult dismantling work.

The white fluorescent stripes of the carpet glow in the dark and thus they also serve as a sign for the emergency exit.

Tactile signs can be combined with all the carpets in our selection.

There are many different signs available. Ask more about our sales, and we will find the right solution for you.


Material Aluminium / rubber
Insert Rubber, textile, brush
Height 12 mm / 16 mm / 20 mm / 25 mm
weight 4,9 kg/m², 7,1 kg/m², 9,0 kg/m²,11,3 kg/m²
Colors fluorescent white, black, dark gray, light gray, white
Temperature -35 °C - +70 °C
Fire classification EN 13501: Cfl - s1
Slip resistance DIN 51130: R10
Emissions IS0 16000-9: TVOC class A+


Aluminium edging 16/20 mm, 300 cm

Aluminium edging 9/12 mm, 300 cm

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