Venture aluminium Textile entrance grid

The Venture Textile entrance grid is a durable aluminum frame mat for outdoor and indoor use. The Venture entrance mat is especially suitable for entrances to shopping centers, department stores, commercial and industrial properties and public spaces, where heavy cart traffic requires excellent durability from the mat.

The reinforced version of the Venture mat is well suited as a tire cleaning mat for car shops that can be run over by a car.

The Rib textiles of the Venture carpet stop the dirt carried on the soles of shoes from moving into the interior and prevent slipping on the carpet. The textiles brush away slush, snow, coarse dirt and sand without having to wipe the shoes on the carpet.

The structure of the carpet with cables is open, so the dirt that accumulates between the aluminum profiles can be removed during cleaning by rolling the carpet up first and the floor surface is cleaned by brushing or vacuuming underneath.

The carpet is also available in a version with a closed hinge piece, so the carpet does not have to be rolled up during cleaning, but can be vacuumed directly from the top.

A carpet equipped with cables or a closed hinge piece, so rolling the carpet with both products is easy.

The Venture aluminium Textile entrance grid is silent because the bottom of the aluminum profiles has a longitudinal PE foam sound-absorbing strip. The overrun of the carpet does not cause harmful noise in the interior.


Material Aluminium
Height 10, 14, 18, 23 ja 28 mm
Weight 9, 10, 11, 12 ja 13 kg/m²
Body color Aluminum
Textile material PP
Textile colors Black, grey


Alumiinilista 9/12 mm, 300 cm

Alumiinilista 16/20 mm, 300 cm

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