Viking Apollo – rubber aluminum grid

Viking Apollo Rubber aluminum grid mat is a solidly built entrance mat for outdoor and indoor use.

High-quality rubber strips are attached to the profiles of the aluminum-framed carpet, which are suitable even for demanding conditions.

Viking Apollo Rubber mat is suitable for entrances in shopping centers, commercial and industrial properties as well as hotels and public spaces.

The rubber profiles provide a pleasant platform for shopping carts and enable smooth and silent cart traffic.

The structure of the mat is open, so the dirt that collects between the aluminum profiles can be easily removed during cleaning.

Dirt is easily removed by first rolling up the carpet, and the floor surface is cleaned by brushing or vacuuming.


Material Aluminium / rubber
Order size By the measurements
Height 18 mm / 22 mm / 28 mm
weight 10 kg/m²
Colors Black, grey
Temperature -35 °C - +70 °C

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