Jokiniemi School, Vantaa

Jokiniemi school offers basic education for 1st-9th graders.

Jokiniemi unified school is located next to Tikkurila, along excellent transport connections. Around 870 students and 115 adults work in our school every day. In addition to general education, the Jokiniemi school offers small group education, workshop education, and education for children with autism and the most severe developmental disabilities.

Muovihaka Oy’s deliveries to the destination covered more than 60 m2 of delivered and installed Jaguar – entrance grid matting systems.

The builder was Vantaa kaupunki and Rapp Valvontakonsultit Oy was the Builder Consultant and Arkkitehdit Oy Latva ja Vaara was chosen as the architect. The project format was shared contractors and LTR-Rakennus Oy acted as the construction contractor

Architects: Arkkitehdit Oy Latva ja Vaara
Construction: LTR-Rakennus Oy
Products: Jaguar – entrance grid systems 60 m2
Year: 2022