Combo 11mm entrance grid

A functional Combo 11mm entrance grid has highly effective cleaning action and is extremely durable. Unique pattern of parallel channels and resilient non slip knobs on the surface of the tile capture dirt, sand and debris in the entrance area.

Combo 11mm entrance mat is ideally suited for entranceways with high density foot and trolley traffic, such as airports, subway stations, shops, shopping centres, hospitals and schools. Combo 11mm entrance grid is strong matting for a long life span in demanding indoor and outdoor conditions.

Combo 11mm entrance mat has an open construction and innovative design that gives high dirt and dust retention and keeps surface safe and clean.

Combo 11mm entrance grid high heel proof interlocking tile is fully compatible with the Integra 11mm entrance grid tiles.


Material UV-resistant vinyl/NBR 100% recycled material
Tile size 36,9 x 20,3 cm
Packaging 14 tiles / package (1 m²)
Height 11 mm
Weight 7,2 kg/m²
Colour Dark grey, black
Temperature resistance -35 °C - +70 °C


Alu edging 9/12 mm x 300 cm

Anchors 12 mm

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