Combo 9mm entrance grid

Combo 9mm entrance grid is heavy duty primary entrance mat for all high and extreme traffic conditions including shopping centres, public buildings, block of flats, office buildings and schools. It is durable heel proof interlocking modular mat for both internal and external applications. Combo entrance grid stops dirt, sand and debris in the entrance area before they enter the building.

When combined with Combo 16mm entrance mat, slim Combo 9 mm leaves recessed area for carpets – and creates a unique concept – Combo Matwell system.

Combo Matwell system is an exciting concept that allows you create a recessed matwell without the complication or cost of having to cut a matwell into the floor. It is ideal for existing buildings without a dedicated matwell.

Combo 9mm entrance mat works with Combo 16mm entrance mat to form a ready made matwell into which mats can be placed. Combo 9mm leaves a 7 mm recess for mat or carpet inserts, when combined with the Combo 16 mm entrance mat. The recessed area can take most types of carpet inserts, dust control mats and logo mats.


Material UV-resistant vinyl/NBR 100% recycled material
Tile size 40 x 14 cm
Packaging 36 tiles / package(= 2 m²)
Height 9 mm
Weight 4.7 kg/m²
Colour Dark grey
Temperature resistance -35 °C - +70 °C
Emissions IS0 16000-9: TVOC class A+


Alu edging 9/12 mm x 300 cm

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