Integra 11mm entrance grid

Integra 11 entrance grids and matting systems is high heel safe entrance mat which provides remarkable dirt and moisture removal and elegant appearance together with its interlocking tiles and high performance carpet inserts. Integra 11mm entrance grids and matting systems is ideal in areas where visual attractiveness is expected.

Heavy duty entrance mat is specially designed for entranceways with high density foot traffic, such as airports, subway stations, shops, shopping centres, hotels, offices, hospitals and schools. Integra 11mm entrance grid is performing best when used indoors or in weather protected areas.

High heel safe construction and open grid design allows fluid and small debris to pass through the openings keeping the surface dry and clean. The Integra entrance grid and matting system tiles textile surface scrapes shoes clean and provides a safe, slip resistant walking surface.

An open, heel proof construction provides plenty of storage capacity for wet and dry soil. Removed dirt particles and moisture can fall through the openings keeping surface dry and clean.


Material UV-resistant vinyl/NBR 100% recycled material
Tile size 36,9 x 20,3 cm
Packaging 14 tiles / pkg (= 1,05 m²)
Height 11 mm
Weight 7.4 kg/m²
Tile colour Black, dark grey
Insert pile material 100 % polyamide
Insert colours Black, grey and red
Temperature resistance -35 °C - +70 °C


Alu edging 9/12 mm x 300 cm

Anchors 12 mm

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